Powercast: You dont have to CHARGE those BATTERIES

January 14, 2007 at 2:43 am Leave a comment

Worried of getting that “iphone” which dies after 2 hours or so? Taking that party video only to realize your battery is crap? Here’s an answer for you. Powercast. Almost three years in the making, powercast is a radio frequency that is transmitted over a small area, and its energy is “harvested”–wirelessly–to give power to small devices like cell phones. It’s meant to either continuously charge a battery or replace the need for them altogether.

How does it work then? Well, you need a transmitter that is plugged into the wall. The transmitter sends out a continuous, low RF signal. Batteries within its range equipped with a Powercast receiver will be continuously charged.

Products with Powercast are expected 4th qtr this year (2007).


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